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The premise is pretty promising and the time travel mechanics may make for interesting puzzles. I look forward to when this is complete.


Loved the game so far!


Had an amazing time with Pixel's Time Paradox! The creativity and innovation in this game are commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. Big shoutout to the creator for delivering such a fantastic experience. Eagerly awaiting for more adventures of Pixel!

Thank you for your very kind words, it means a lot to us! :)



The mechanics are awesome, the story was interesting, the visuals were absolutely stunning, and over all so far it seems just awesome. The characters (tho we only see 2 so far) are both so visually eye-catching and the art style is soso pretty. The story is really unique and I genuinely enjoy what there is so far and I can't wait to see the rest of it once it releases.


Thank you for your kind words ! :) Hope to bring more contents early next year! 


the art style is INCREDIBLE, i'm gonna play this one day (sorry i don't ha any money by now)

Thank you ! :)

Right now it's free, no need to pay anything. We just released a demo :)


Very funny and good artwork. 

Thank you, and thanks for your video! :)

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Loooved it so far! The game looks incredible, I really do love the mechanics, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next :)

I'm also wondering whether it'd be interesting to just have a tad more feedback on some actions, like dialogues and such. That's the only criticism I can think of. Else, I'm just supet excited about all this C: !!

Def leaving some money to support this aweeesome project! <3 

Thank you very much for your kind words... And your tip! Super appreciated :)

I'll try to have less dialogues and more actions for the rest of the game. That's something I want to achieve, so I'm glad we are on the same page with your feedback :) 


I would love to show my support but I've got no money so I'll just say this: the game looks incredible.

Thank  you for your kind words :) Well, game is free for now, feel free to enjoy!

One question, is the game also in Spanish? I don't speak much English, more or less I know how to speak English

Hello! No, game isn't available in english. And nobody can talk spanish in the team, so right now, it's not planned to add a spanish translation, sorry :/

I wish I could play this, but I have a Macbook.


A mac port is in the next big update list :)

Is there going to be a Linux version?

Probably soon yes! :)


Looking forward to the full game.  INTERESTING GAME!

Thanks for playing! :)

Glad you liked it, great video! 


looking forward to the full game

i don't have the game but what i have heard from my friends got me wanting the game now

Thank you, glad to hear word of mouth is working! :)

This game is very nice and cool!! Love it

Thank you, happy to hear :)

i love it, very cool game!

Thank you, glad you liked it! :)


Haber jugado la DEMO de este juego ha sido muy divertido. El estilo de dibujo me parece muy original y bonito (tiene un estilo muy único). La historia tiene su parte de gracia. ¡Tengo altas expectativas! Ya se lo he recomendado a un amigo, espero que este juego tenga un buen futuro :)


Gracias, espero también! :)


I need more, now! I'll actually be checking out other game(s) in the universe as I like the concept of this one so much, and the art/dialogue direction is really good! I had not seen Waffles in passing before, so I'm excited there's more to play. :)


Thank you very much for playing! Glad you enjoyed our game, and yes, I did a couple of games in the same universe ;) Hope you'll like them too!


No gamepad support? Cool art style

Thank you, glad you like it!

About gamepad support, we didn't have time to do it during the jam... and honestly, not sure we'll add it soon.


I really liked playing it , and  I can't wait to see more of Pixel's Story

Thank you for making this video!  Glad to hear that you like our game :)

You're welcome 😁, it’s really fun , and the graphics are very nice.


No gamepad support?


No sorry, we didn't have time to do it during the jam... and honestly, not sure we'll add it soon.


I loved the game stylistically and the characters have charm!


Thank you for playing, glad you like our characters! :)


I loved this! The ending was pretty abrupt, but it only left me wishing for more. What a great concept!

Thank you very much for your video, glad you enjoyed our game :)

Im having a hard time after extracting the file to open the game :(

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"An anti-paradox box! How convenient!"




This game is really cute, I really love the art and vibe you got in, also like the puzzles being simple for adventure game standards but still tricky enough to make you think. I really hope to see more of this, the story needs an ending!


Thank you :) 

We are currently adding new contents, but we are far from the ending now :)


The art style for this game is beautiful, from the gorgeous backgrounds to our two very charming characters. JayJay's design is particularly ingenious— I just love looking at him.

While I personally thought the game ended a bit abruptly, that could be because its premise and style succeeded so well in pulling me in given the limited amount of time it had to do so.

All in all, I think this is a very promising concept and I'd love to see it expanded in the future!

Thank you very much for your kind words :)

We'll expand the game for sure, we are currently working on it :)


Hello golosogames we would like to know if you let us mention this game in our Twitter page.

Sincerely the Türkiye

Sure, no problem! :)

im pretty sure this is a scam,the account was madde 9 days ago and this is all it has posted

it's twitter is automated

ok maby not

hello milocaptian sorry for wrong first impression we ( I ) just busy and need to post games on our Twitter page so we ( I ) need to c&p the questions. 

ok, that makes sence, sorry

not a problem my friend.


the art is amazing and the puzzles are just hard enough that it feels satisfying to solve. very cool 10/10

Thanks, happy to hear :)

very good


I haven’t played this yet but I can already tell I could play the entire game without getting board, the graphics look great. Hopefully there is a Mobile mode because if there is then I will definitely play it a lot more often since I use an iPad and iPhone most of the time; Great backgrounds too.

Thank you! Unfortunately, we don't plan to make a mobile port at the moment. 

Good start for a promising adventure


This is really cool! I got a little bit stuck because I didn't realize the microwave and its cord were both selectable, but for that reason I appreciate the included walkthrough! The art is very nice, and I especially like the  animation on the two characters.


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)


Tittie Hunter lol


Did u see that


No its not scary you doofus!


iw was jusat wongering is ist scawwy


I was super immersed in the game, i was actually shocked when it ended, definitely hoping to see more out of the idea.


That's the kind of review I really like :) Glad you liked it, we'll do more content when the jam will be over :)


I love the graphics, especially the backgrounds. Would love to play this if you make a Mac version


Thanks! :)

We didn't have the time to make and test a mac version during the jam unfortunately. But stay tuned, that's something I added to the todo list ;)



This is terrific. The art is just stunning, the characters are fun. I especially love JayJay. I was a little worried about the time limit at first, but luckily it's not a problem, even for leisurely players like me. Can't wait for future time travels shenanigans.

P.S.: I really want my own anti-paradox box now. That thing sounds handy. :)

Thank you for your kind words :)


I REALLY liked the art in this one. The setting, atmosphere, time-loopy vibes all very much connected with me. Great work!


Very nice of you, glad you like it! :) 

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