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Available for Playdate and PC!

Also available in physical box! 15€ + shipping. Comes with stickers, a badge and a manual. Back in store again! https://forms.gle/JRd5t7D9rK6ie7PH8

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Spike II: The great emu war is an infinite side-scroller shooter game for Playdate and PC! 🐱🔫 

The emus are at the gates of CatTown. The cat army is overwhelmed by the number of feathered soldiers, the feline will soon become... an endangered species. General Mittens has no other choice: he must call the legendary Spike to the rescue.

Equipped with your minigun, try to survice the horde of emus who will do their best to catch you. As General Mittens used to say: "You are our last hope, Spike!"

The key is to use bullets wisely, and reload as soon as you aren't in danger (this isn't a good example but you get the idea 😅)

There is an upgrade screen which will make the game easier with time.

Kangaroos,  pelicans and even a final boss... They are a lot of critters to fight!

It was a fun experience to make a game on this tiny handheld console, hope you'll like it as much I liked making it! :)

Thanks for your support! 

Updated 11 days ago
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AuthorGoloso Games
TagsCats, emus, infinite-runner, Playdate, Side Scroller


Get this game and 1 more for $12.99 USD
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Any way to get a physical copy without a google account?

Yes for sure! Send me a email: contact at golosogames dot com

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Hey, this little game is great! Totally worth the $5 price tag.

Feels super polished, art and music is spectacular, and the gameplay is very fun! Can't wait to buy a bunch of upgrades and blast these emus away 😎

Thank you, that's very nice of you! :)


Really enjoying playing this on my playdate! was curious if you would consider a mode where the crank wasn’t always necessary for gameplay? Like hold A to fire and hold B to reload? Thanks for a fun game!


Hi, glad to hear this, thank you! 

No I'm sorry, new features aren't planned for now. Maybe later, it's a good idea!

How is the crank used in the game right now? To reload?

Clockwise to shoot, counterclockwise to reload!

Ah okay, thanks.


I second this!

There's not so many games like this for the Playdate, not even from the oficial s1. This is what I need to feed my yellow little console with: packed action game, amazing graphics and tons of fun. Like in the old good days! You won't regret buying this amazing title. Meaow!

Thank you Patricio :)

Love the game but sometimes when I play, the game's actual background gets swapped with the game's cover art.

Hi! Sorry to hear that, did you do anything in particular before it happens? Thanks!

Not that I recall. It just happened twice out of 5-6 runs I played.

OK, thanks for your answer. It never happenned to me in hundred of runs, so I'll be more than happy if you discover a pattern :D Anyway, I'll look to find how to fix it, thanks! 

Hi! It has been fixed in the last build :) Thanks again for your feedback!

I played it on yt 

Hi! Thanks for your video :) Seems that you liked the game!

I also really like the art you did for your video cover, well done! 


Can't way to make this kitty roar!