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Fluffy, a rich industrial in Cat Town, is found dead at his house : Is it a murder ? Did he kill himself ? Inspector Waffles is the one called to solve the mistery. But there is a problem : the cops can't find a way to get to the crime scene.

This game was made in 2 weeks during "My first game jam". I don't know if I'll continue the game at the moment, but I'll let you know soon :)

Unfortunately, there is no music or sound effects at all. It's not a bug. I didn't have time during the jam .... but it will come soon !

If you want to see the latest news about Inspector Waffles, be sure to check my Twitter account !

More information

Published67 days ago
AuthorGoloso Games
Tags2D, cats, Detective, Dogs, Mystery, Pixel Art, Point & Click

Install instructions

Start game :

Launch Waffles.exe.


Everything : mouse left click. You can select items in your inventory to interact with objects in the scenes.


Inspector_Waffles.zip (12 MB)


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Hello! I wonder - how to contact you by email about this game? :)

Sure ! contact at golosogames dot com

It was really good !

Thanks, I really appreciate it :)

Live from a crime scene with Inspector Waffles. :)

Thanks, great work ! But .... you missed one item ! :)

What? Hmm.. have to play again. :)