Inspector Waffles 2.1

Inspector Waffles 2.1 has been released !

The new version(2.0)  of Inspector Waffles was released last week and we achieved a great goal : since the first upload of the game, there have been more than 500 downloads !

That's quite nice for a game which stayed in a prototype state with no sound at all, for almost one year. Thank you a lot to all the players and thanks also for the awesome feedbacks you people gave us. 

Before talking about what changed, I just want to thank Cryptic Hybrid who did a second let's play of the game and sent me great feedbacks. If you didn't suscribe to his channel, you should !

Main updates

* All bugs you and I have found are fixed. 

* A new clue was added inside the house. It will be useful later maybe, who knows :)

* Now you can right click on items, it will give you a description. 


Added : New clue (relatives)
Added : items description with right-click

Fixed : end game text english mistakes
Fixed : in quite rare situations, questions were validated without the right item
Fixed : inventory disabled after closing notepad
Fixed : grammar mistakes in dialogs
Fixed : UI didn't work perfectly on fullscreen

Updated : dialogs I didn't like anymore :)

Next update won't be as fast as this one, I've planned to add mainly police station scenes.

Thanks for playing :)

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Jan 30, 2018

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