A little break with Inspector Waffles... but not with gamedev!

This month we did a little break with Inspector Waffles... but not with gamedev. We are happy to share news about our other adventure game, Antenna Dilemma.

Antenna Dilemma is a short and witty point&click adventure in which you'll follow the story of C432632, a finicky grey cube that sure doesn't want to miss his favorite show. In a media-driven society, in which nothing else matters but TV, will or here wake up and understand the world he lives in is far from perfect? 


Game is planning to be released during spring 2019, on itch and Steam. And for FREE! It will be our first game on Steam, we are very excited about it! You can already wishlist here.

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Inspector Waffles' news will come back soon :) Stay tuned!

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will Antenna Dilemma be available for mac

Yes! And Linux too. :)